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Virginia Adan-Lifante

Virginia Adán-Lifante 

Spanish Teaching Professor, World Languages Coordinator, Director of the Spanish Program

Contact: | (550) 513-3383 | COB2 379


Elizabeth Cisneros

Elizabeth Cisneros

Spanish Lecturer

Contact: | COB2 380

Virginia Garcia

Virginia Garcia

Spanish Lecturer

Contact: | COB2 372

Bristin S. Jones

Bristin S. Jones

Assistant Teaching Professor in Spanish and English


Caroline Kreide

Caroline Kreide

Continuing Spanish Lecturer

Contact: | COB2 380

Ignacio Lopez-Calvo

Ignacio López-Calvo

Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture, Presidential Endowed Chair in the Humanities

Contact: | COB2 222 | Website: Ignacio López-Calvo

Dalia Magana

Dalia Magaña

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Contact: | COB2 214 | Website: Dalia Magaña

Manuel M. Martin-Rodriguez

Manuel M. Martín Rodríguez

Literature and Cultures Professor

Contact: | COB2 220 | Website: Manuel M. Martín Rodríguez

Yolanda A. Pineda Vargas

Yolanda A. Pineda-Vargas

Continuing Spanish Lecturer

Contact: | COB2 376

Cristian H. Ricci

Cristián H. Ricci

Iberian Studies and North African Studies Professor

Contact: | COB2 216




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